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picture Agendas / Minutes
City Council agendas identify legislative action, discussion and informational items for council members deliberation. View agendas and approved meeting minutes.
picture Agenda Process & Procedures
An Agenda is produced and published prior to each City Council meeting. Most agenda items require a staff report with background information, proposed policy or requests for Council action.
picture Budget
The City Council considers levels of service and the financial support for them. Learn about the budget process and view the current adopted biennial budget.
picture Council Meetings
Learn when and where City Council meetings are held, how you can participate in a meeting and where to find meeting agendas.
picture Council Members
Read biographies of current council members, email the members or obtain their voice mail phone numbers.
picture Duties & Responsibilities
The City Council is the legislative and governing body of the City of Woodinville . It establishes City policies and goals. Learn more about the duties and responsibilities of the City Council, the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor.
picture Interlocal Agreements
An interlocal agreement is a binding agreement between two government entities.
picture Ordinances
An ordinance is a legislative enactment by the City Council. Most ordinances are codified into the Woodinville Municipal Code (WMC).
picture Resolutions
A resolution is an expression of policy or opinion by the City Council.
picture Vision and Mission
The City's Vision Statement was created by Woodinville citizens when the City was developing its first Comprehensive Plan. The City Council adopted a Mission Statement for elected and appointed officials and staff.

Page last modified: July 5, 2017

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