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The Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Commission is a nine member volunteer advisory board tasked with:

  • Analyzing Woodinville's needs for public safety services
  • Reviewing emergency management planning policies and procedures
  • Reviewing public safety ordinances
  • Collaborating with community public safety organizations to promote and enhance community disaster preparedness

Membership is comprised of seven City of Woodinville residents and two community members to serve as non-voting (ex-officio) commissioners. Applicants are interviewed by the City Council in a public forum. Successful candidates are appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the City Council. All members are appointed to staggered, three-year terms. A Chair and Vice Chair are elected annually. Commissioners are volunteers and not compensated.

The Commission encourages community disaster preparedness and crime prevention. The Commission hosts and participates in events that promote these important initiatives.

View the duties and responsibilities of the Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Commission: Ordinance 506.

View the membership requirements as established in : Ordinance 479.

Established by: Woodinville Municipal Code Chapter 2.25


Members are appointed by the City Council to serve a three year term.

Members Term Expires
Janine Brown, Chair (Pos. 1) October 31, 2017
James Walker,Vice Chair (Pos. 2) October 31, 2017
Vacant (Pos. 3) October 31, 2017
John Halpin (Pos. 4) October 31, 2018
Mark Van Wormer (Pos. 5) October 31, 2018

Kathleen Larson, Ex-officio: Chief of Police

May 31, 2018

Greg Ahearn, Ex-officio: Fire Chief for Woodinville Fire and Rescue

May 31, 2018











Regular Meeting Schedule

2nd Monday of each month (unless otherwise noticed)
City Hall, Council Chambers
5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Meetings that fall on holidays are rescheduled to the next working day or may be cancelled. 
Special meetings, such as a Commission Retreat, may be held as determined by the Commission.

Emergency Preparedness Commission and Public Safety Staff Liaison

Linda Fava, Executive Department, 425.877.2265

Preliminary Agenda/Meeting Notices

Preliminary agendas are available:

  • At Woodinville City Hall, 17301-133rd Avenue NE, Woodinville, WA 98072
  • Here on the City website
  • By contacting the Staff Liaison

Meeting Cancellation Notices

Cancellation notices are issued up to 24 hours prior to the actual meeting date and posted at City Hall and Post Office and, as a courtesy, posted here.

Special Accommodations

Any person needing special assistance or any reasonable accommodation to attend the meeting is asked to contact the Executive Department at 425.489.2700, ext. 2265 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Special Presentations to the Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Commission

If you or your organization would like to address the Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Commission on a particular issue that is not part of the Agenda or if you would like to request that the Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Commission honor a person, please contact the Staff Liaison at 425.489.2700, ext. 2265.

Transcripts of an Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Commission Meeting

Audio recordings are made of each Commission meeting. Written minutes of each meeting are also produced, and upon approval by the Commission, are made available to the public. To obtain an audio recording or minutes, submit a Request for Public Records to the City Clerk's Office.

Page last modified: May 11, 2017

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