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dotted line Lake Leota Stormwater Quality Retrofit
Bio-systems example
Bioretention System

The Lake Leota Stormwater Quality Retrofit Project is designed to treat stormwater to reduce pollutants entering Lake Leota from roadway runoff by installing manufactured bioretention systems (which remove pollutants and sediment from stormwater runoff) in the roadway before the outfall to the lake. Currently, during rain storms untreated stormwater flows into Lake Leota. This stormwater can lead to the degradation of water quality in the lake. As Lake Leota is located at the upper end of the Bear Creek watershed, pollutants in the lake can affect downstream waters such as Cottage Lake Creek, Bear Creek, and the Sammamish River, and aquatic life including salmon. The primary purpose of the project is to improve water quality in Lake Leota by reducing pollutants.

Funding for this project is provided by Woodinville City Surface Water Funds and partial funding by the Washington State Department of Ecology's Statewide Stormwater Grant Program.

The project was completed in Spring 2015. View the completed Project Summary Report:

Project Summary Report

Project Photos

City contact: Dan Beck 425.877.2295

For more information on how to help keep Washington waters clean visit these webpages:
2009 King County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual
Puget Sound Partnership
Washington State Department of Ecology
Stormwater Tips
What You Can Do To Protect Washington Waters

For more information on the City of Woodinville's Stormwater Management Plan see:
City of Woodinville Storm Management Plan

The City of Woodinville installed Filterra Stormwater Bioretention Filtrations Systems



Page last modified: July 28, 2015

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