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dotted line Council Vision and Mission

Woodinville's Mission Statement

As the elected representatives of Woodinville, the City Council understands that the purpose of the City is to fairly and equitably represent the interests of the citizens of Woodinville, and to carry out its lawful duties on behalf of citizens of Woodinville.

Council, staff, Boards and Commissions honor our commitment to serve the Woodinville community by:

Providing customer service that is:
Efficient - Personalized - Consistent - Responsive -Educational

Encouraging partnerships with:
Citizens - Neighborhoods - Business communities - Educational and social networks

Protecting and enhancing:
Quality of life - public health, safety and welfare - natural and built environment - spirit of neighborhood character

Public expectations and resources - Economic well-being and environmental protection - individual and community interests


Woodinville's Vision Statement

" Woodinville is a safe, friendly, family-oriented community that supports a successful balance of neighborhoods, parks and recreation, tourism and business. We have preserved our Northwest woodland character, our open space, and our clean environment. We have enhanced our ability to move freely throughout the community by all modes of travel. Woodinville is a pleasant place in which to live, work, play, and visit, with a compact, inviting downtown that is attractive and functional."


City Council 2014 Work Plan and Priorities

On March 18, 2014, the City Council selected priorities from which staff and Commission/Board Work Plans will be developed.  The attached table summarizes the priorities approved by the City Council.

2014 City Council Priorities and Work Plan  





Page last modified: January 5, 2015

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