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The City's Code Enforcement Program supports the City's public safety mission by investigating potential or actual violations of city, public health and other applicable regulations. The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcement of violations of the Woodinville Municipal Code, including but not limited to, construction/building, fire, surface water, nuisance, junk vehicles, signs and noise regulations. The most common violations investigated include:

  • Building/construction without a valid permit.
  • Tree removal that exceeds permissible limits and without a valid permit.
  • Junk/abandoned vehicles.
  • Clearing/construction within designated sensitive areas such as wetlands and native growth protection areas.
  • Sign code violations.
  • Nuisance complaints such as outdoor storage of junk and noise.

An investigation will be started upon receipt of a formal complaint. The City does not respond to an anonymous complaint unless it involves a life safety issue. Following property and code research, contact is made with the person responsible for the potential or actual violation.

The City seeks voluntary compliance and provides a reasonable schedule for the violation to be corrected. Failure to achieve voluntary compliance may result in the issuance of an infraction which assesses a monetary penalty for each violation and each day the violation continues. Penalties are assessed at $125 first offense, $175 second offense, and $250 for the third and subsequent offenses. The infractions are filed with the NE District Court, 8601 160th Ave. N.E., Redmond , WA.

When compliance is met to the satisfaction of the City, the responsible party receives a Certificate of Compliance and the investigation is closed.

City Contact: Development Services Department, 425-489-2754.

Nature of Complaint Lead Agency Phone
Animals - Loose, vicious or dead King County Animal Control 206.296.PETS
Buildings - Dangerous, abandoned buildings or structures Woodinville Code Enforcement 425.877.2285
Burning - Noxious or annoying smoke generated from fireplaces Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency(PSAPCA) 206.343.8800
Business - Commercial activity in a residential area Woodivnille Code Enforcement 425.877.2285
Construction - Complaints, building permits and demolition permits Woodinville Building Department 425.489.2754
Construction - Electrical permits and complaints WA State Dept. of Labor & Industries 206.248.6630
Construction - Grading, filling and clearing of private property Woodinville Building Department 425.489.2754
Garbage - Trash or debris on the public right-of-way Woodinville Public Works 425.489.2700
Noise - Generated from a specific construction project Woodinville Code Enforcement 425.877.2285
Noise - Generated by animals King County Animal Control 206.296.PETS
Noise - Generated from vehicles, magnified sound equipment and loud persons Woodinville Police/KC Sheriff 206.296.3311
Pests - Potential pest harborage (rats) King County Health Department 206.296.4932
Plants - Poison oak, poison ivy, nightshade, overgrown weeds, shrubs and grass on the public right-of-way Woodinville Public Works 425.489.2700
Sewer - Septic tank, waste water, sewage Seattle-King County Environmental Health 206.296.4932
Signs - Sign violations Woodinville Code Enforcement 425.877.2285
Storage - Outside storage of freezers and refrigerators Woodinville Code Enforcement 425.877.2285
Streets - Maintenance of streets Woodinville Public Works 425.489.2700
Vehicles - Storage of abandoned or inoperable vehicles, and machinery on private property Woodinville Code Enforcement 425.489.2754
Vehicles - Storage of abandoned or junk vehicles within the public right-of-way WoodinvillePolice/KC Sherriff 206.296.3311


Page last modified: July 9, 2014

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