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picture Code Enforcement
The City works cooperatively with affected residents, businesses and property owners to resolve potential violations in a manner that respects the rights and, where possible, the interests of all parties. The City's code enforcement officer investigates complaints regarding potential and actual violations of city codes and regulations.
picture Crime Prevention
Home and business owners are encouraged to work with the City's Crime Prevention Officer and Police Department to prevent crime and to reduce the chances of being a crime victim.
picture Disaster Preparedness
The City provides educational resources to help you survive an emergency or disaster.
picture Emergency Management
Emergency management planning and response for Woodinville citizens is a joint effort between the City of Woodinville and Woodinville Fire & Rescue.
picture Fire Prevention
Fire prevention includes compliance with fire protection requirements, compliance with fireworks regulations and public education.
picture Pedestrian Safety
Be safe while crossing Woodinville streets.
picture Police
Police protection for City of Woodinville residents and businesses is provided through a contract with King County Sheriff's Office. By contracting, the City provides the widest possible range of police services, from routine patrol to highly specialized police teams such as detectives, the K-9 unit, bomb disposal, and a fraud and forgery unit. Emergency police response is coordinated through the 9-1-1 dispatch system.
picture Snow
Seasonal snow information.

Page last modified: May 21, 2012

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