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The News page contains Announcements and News Releases.

Announcements are items of interest that do not usually get sent to newspapers and other media outlets. They are removed from the website when their expiration date is reached.

News Releases are typically distributed to newspapers. Releases contain information about City programs, events, regulations and public outreach campaigns. News releases are not always published by the media. Depending on the information, news releases may be forwarded to television and radio. You will find up to 12 months of News Releases on this page because their expiration date is up to 12 months from their publication date.

Select a specific news item to see the complete details.

City of Woodinville Civic Campus Developer – Request for Qualifications  -  8/17/2017

Park Play Structures Closed for Replacement Late August – Late September 2017  -  8/17/2017

Kinetic Art Sculpture “In Cloud Light III” Installed on NE 171st St and 135th Ave NE  -  7/6/2017

Wine and Tourism Study for Woodinville Now Available  -  6/22/2017

Project Update - Night Time Road Construction for Culvert Replacement  -  5/25/2017

Upcoming Traffic and Construction Projects in the City of Woodinville  -  3/27/2017

City Permit Required to Remove Trees   -  3/7/2017

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