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picture Brightwater Waste Treatment Facility
In late 2003, King County selected a site on State Route 9 north of the Woodinville City limits to construct a wastewater treatment plant. Learn how the City Council has responded to this project, which is currently under construction.
picture Montevallo / Wood Trails
Phoenix Development (applicant) has submitted preliminary plat applications for two sites in the Wellington Neighborhood: Wood Trails (PPA2004-54) and Montevallo (PPA2004-093).  In addition, the applicant submitted a rezone request (ZMA2004-053) to change the zoning from R-1 (1 residential unit/acre) to R-4 (4 residential units/acre).
picture Northshore Aquatics Study
The City of Woodinville is a participating member of the Northshore Park and Recreation Service Area (PRSA). In 2004 a study was initiated to evaluate aquatic facilities and make recommendations.
picture Old Woodinville School
The City Council created a Taskforce of community members to work with the Parks & Recreation Commission to develop recommendations for the future of the Old Woodinville School. The building is currently vacant.
picture Sustainable Development
In March 2006 the City Council enacted a six-month temporary land use and building permit moratorium in the R-1 zone so that it could commission a Sustainable Development Study.
picture Tent City 4
In 2004 and 2006, Tent City, a homeless encampment, relocated within Woodinville City limits.




Page last modified: June 24, 2013

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