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dotted line Sustainable Development

The City has initiated a comprehensive Sustainable Development program to ensure compliance of future development within the City, specifically and particularly in the current R-1 Zoning District, with applicable Growth Management Act (GMA) policies, goals and directives. The Sustainable Development (SD) Program involves a thorough, detailed inventory of local environmental resources, projection of future development demand, and analysis of public infrastructure availability. The SD program will yield recommendations for a multi-facted regulatory approach to balance the competing policies of the GMA within the R-1 zone, including but not limited to the protection of critical areas, the preservation and enhancement of anadromous fisheries, and the accommodation of appropriate residential growth.

UPDATE 10/17/07: The final study is listed below.

Executive Summary
Environment Appendix
Capital Facilities
Buildable Lands
Potential Code
Moritorium Ordinance

Citizen Comments (204 pages)

UPDATE 09/17/07: A public hearing was held September 19, 2007.

UPDATE 04/10/07: At it's April 9 meeting, the City Council considered and approved a schedule and preliminary scope for additional work on the Sustainable Development Report. View the meeting video and staff report.

UPDATE 2/27/07: Check the City Council agenda page for March 5, 2007 Public Hearings regarding Sustainable Development Study and Moratorium.


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Environmental Report
(Attachment A)

Hydrogeologic Analysis
(Att. A, Appendix A)

Lake Leota Analysis
(Att. A, Appendix B)

Woodinville Wetlands Inventory
(Att. A, Appendix C)

Low Impact Development

(Att. A, Appendix D)

Neighborhood Character R-1 (Attachment B)

Attach. B, P. 36 Errata

Transportation Report (Attachment C)

Capital Facilities & Utility Report (Attachment D)

Moratorium Ordinances (Attachment E)

Other Information - Errata (Attachment F)

Sewer Map Errata

The City Council enacted Ordinance No. 419 on March 20, 2006 to initiate a comprehensive environmental study of the R-1 zone to ascertain the level of resource sensitivity and potential impact from development. The R-1 zone (2005 zoning map attached) is generally located east of 146th Avenue NE extended on the north and south sides of Woodinville-Duvall Road to the City limits at 171st Avenue NE and includes the properties west and east of 148th Avenue NE. Information gathered from the environmental study will be evaluated with existing information on certain city-wide environmental conditions including the Little Bear and Woodin Creeks, critical (sensitive) area mapping, and data currently be gathered from a groundwater study. This information will be used by the City in considering amendments to its current Comprehensive Plan and development regulations that will appropriately balance the Growth Management Act's various planning goals.

UPDATE 1/26/07: News Release, Public Comment Opportunities on Draft Sustainable Development Report

UPDATE 1/22/07: Draft R-1 Sustainable Development Review posted on line. The Planning Commission will hold a Special Study Session on 1/24/07 and a Public Hearing on 1/31/07 on the Sustainable Development draft report.

UPDATE 09/22/06 : On September 11, 2006, the City Council approved a six-month renewal (until March 20, 2007) of the current moratorium on most land use and building permit applications in the R-1 zone. The renewal allows the City to complete studies being conducted to determine the environmental impacts and appropriate residential density future development in the R-1 zone and to provide time to amend the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations based upon recommendations contained in the studies. City Contact: Bob Wuotila, Senior Planner, 425.489.2757, ext. 2283.

Public Hearing, Sept. 11, 2006 (Staff Report to be published prior to meeting)

Ordinance No. 427 (adopted 9/11/06)

June 5, 2006 Staff Report to the Council to approve contract with Steward & Associates

June 5, 2006 Staff Report, 1st Reading Ordinance 424

Request for Qualifications: Environmental Firms for the Sustainable Development Program

April 10, 2006 Staff Report to the City Council

Ordinance No. 419 - Temporary Land Use & Building Permit Application Moratorium in the R-1 Zone (enacted 3/20/06)

News Release: Council Holds Public Hearing on Moratorium (4/22/06)

March 13, 2006 Staff Report to the City Council

Supplemental Findings to Support the Moratorium

News Release: Council Approves Temporary Building & Land Use Moratorium (3/22/06)

City of Woodinville Zoning Map

Check current Planning Commission Agendas


Documents for Archival Purposes

Substainable Development Archived Webpage 2006-2007

Attachment 1 Sustainable Development Study R1 Final Oct 2007  (86KB)

Attachment 2 Citizen Comments 1-31-2008  (7KB)

Attachment 3 Sustainable Development Study R1 Sept 2007  (22KB)

Attachment 4 Sustainable Development Study R1 Feb 2007  (25KB)

Attachment 5 Miscellaneous Sustainable Development Documents  (5KB)




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