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Business Licenses

The City of Woodinville partners with the State Department of Revenue's Business Licensing Service to process applications for its business license program, providing businesses convenient online registration and renewal services. 

Licensing allows the Police to make contact in an emergency. Maintaining a current list of business activities also allows the City to improve resource allocation to better support economic development.

Business License FAQ's

Who Has to get a license?
How Much Does It Cost?
How Do I Get LIcensed?
What other licenses do I need?

typical commercial building A Business license is required in the City of Woodinville.

Who Has to Get a License?
The Program applies to all companies and individuals doing business within City limits. It requires the submittal of a Business License Application (see How Do I Get Licensed? section below).

Those who conduct business at home must fill out a Special Home Occupation/Home Industry Supplemental Questionaire.

Persons and entities exempt from this Program include:

  • Casual or isolated sales.
  • Delivery of goods and services to customers within City limits.
  • Minors engaged in baby-sitting, newspaper delivery, lawn mowing and car washing
  • Any governmental agency.

How Much Does It Cost?
City License Fees

  • Woodinville general business license....................$39
  • Woodinville home occupation businesses..............$39
  • Woodinville nonprofit business license.................No Fee (DOR application fee still applies)
  • Master solicitor license....................................$130
  • Home industry permit......................................$104

Other Fees that may apply

  • State tax registration.......................................No Fee
  • Registering your business name as a trade name.....$5
  • Business License Application Fee........................$19 (non-refundable)

How Do I Get A License?

  • File a Business License Application Online

Home Occupation and Home Industry Business

In addition to a general Woodinville business license, those who conduct business at home must fill out a special Home Occupation/Home Industry Supplemental Questionnaire.

What other licenses do I need?

State License Requirements

All businesses operating in the State of Washington must obtain a Washington State Master Business License. The Master Business License registers the business for State tax purposes and registers the trade name. You need to file a Master Business Application when you first start your business, or when you change or update your business. The Master Business Application can be found on the Washington State Department of Revenue website,

In addition to a Washington State Master Business License, your business may require additional State of Washington licenses that are not covered under your State Master Business License. View a complete list of professional licenses.

King County Requirements

A King County business license is required only if:

If the business is located in unincorporated King County, the business must be in compliance with zoning code regulations. See business zoning for more information on conducting a business out of your home or other zoning questions.

If the business is located or operates within city limits of any incorporated city in King County (such as Seattle, Kent, Issaquah, etc.), you must check with the city instead of King County to find out the city's requirements for business licenses. For more information, see city licenses .

Door-to-Door Canvassers, Peddlers and Solicitors License and Permit

If you would like to peddle, solicit, or canvas door to door within the City of Woodinville, you must obtain a license and permit in addition to a City business license. A Master Peddler License must be filled out for the business as well as a Peddler's Permit application for each individual solicitor. See WMC 5.03.040 for more information.


Page last modified: May 2, 2016

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