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This 3-D animation creates a visual reference for the community, planning commission and City Council as they determine how to implement the downtown plan through regulations, capital projects, public-private partnerships and design incentives.

The Downtown Little Bear Creek Corridor Master Plan was adopted in 2008. There are multiple goals at play, which will be clarified through code, including: commercial and economic development, tourism development, job creation, maintenance of the small town charm and character as well as the need to create a reasonable supply of affordable housing to the residents of Woodinville.

The City of Woodinville must absorb a regional allocation of both planned residential/population growth as well as a future employment growth allocation in a way that will not dramatically impact the residential character of its various neighborhoods nor overwhelm the downtown area with building size issues.

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Master plans and guidelines support the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. These provide a more detailed vision and identify the ways to achieve a balance of growth inside and even outside city limits.

Community Urban Forestry Plan (12/98) 48 pages

Grace Neighborhood Master Plan (07/05) 126 pages

Shoreline Master Program (01/10) 252 pages

Shoreline Contact Amanda Almgren, Development Services Department at 425.877.2285

Shoreline Inventory & Characterization (10/06) 73 pages

Tourist District Master Plan (12/1997) 73 pages

Downtown Little Bear Creek Corridor Master Plan Adopted 3/2008  (60 pages)

Appendix List
Appendix A - Recommendation Matrix (51 pages)
Appendix B - Downtown Core and Revenue Analysis (46 pages)
Appendix C1 - General Business Zones Hybrid Uses (9 pages)
Appendix C2 - Commission Draft Goals (1 page)
Appendix C3 - Social Systems Data Report (9 pages)
Appendix D - R48 / Office Zone Reports (12 pages)
Appendix E - Transit Oriented Development Reports (31 pages)
Appendix F - Height Examples (9 pages)
Appendix G - Floor Area Ratio Examples (11 pages)
Appendix H - Park Blocks Options (7 pages)
Appendix I - Traffic Analysis (41 pages)
Appendix J - Frequently Asked Questions (8 pages)
Appendix K - Record of Public Involvement (580 pages)

City Contact: Development Services Department, 425.489.2754




Page last modified: September 11, 2015

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