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Non-Motorized Transportation

In the year 2025, how do you see yourself moving about? Walking to work? Commuting on a bus or train? Working from home? For Woodinville, these non-motorized modes of transportation are incorporated into land use and transportation planning and implemented in capital projects. The City has invested in non-motorized facilities such as the bridge and trail extension along NE 145 th Street and over the Sammamish River , bicycle lanes on NE 195 th Street near Woodinville High School and pedestrian trails and crossings throughout the City. The City's Non-Motorized Transportation Plan contains trail, sidewalk, equestrian and bicycle design guidelines for public and private development that provides connectivity within and outside of the City.

•  Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (2005)

Motorized Transportation

With continued strategic investment in the transportation network, Woodinville can maintain a good transportation system even with a large amount of population and employment growth.

Table of Contents and Introduction
Chapter 1 - Introduction, Process, and Policies
Chapter 2 - Inventory of the System
Chapter 3 - Growth Forecasts, Model Assumptions, Proposed Street Classifications
Chapter 4 - Project Lists and Level of Service
Appendix A - 2007 Existing LOS (Level of Service)
Appendix B - 2030 Medium Alt 4 Improvements - 2030 LOW Baseline
Appendix C - 2030 Medium Alt 1 Improvements
Appendix D - 2030 Medium Baseline
Appendix E - 2030 Option 1 Without Grid Roads
Appendix F - 2030 Option 2 Without Grid Roads
Appendix G - 2030 Option 3 Without Grid Roads
Appendix H - 2030 High Alt 3 Improvements
Appendix I - 2030 High Baseline
Appendix J - 2030 Medium Alt 1
Appendix K - 2030 Medium Alt 2 Improvements
Appendix L - 2030 Option 1 with Grid Roads - 2030 Option 2 with Grid Roads
Appendix M - 2030 Option 3 with Grid Roads
Appendix N - 2030 Option 4 with Grid Roads
Appendix O - Planning Commission / Council Presentations   (34 MB)
Appendix P - Puget Sound Regional Council Growth Tables
Appendix Q - Growth Projections
Appendix R - Accident Data
Appendix S - Square Feet and Acres of Transportation Analysis Zones
Appendix T - Traffic Impact Fees
Appendix U - Bibliography
Appendix V - Comments from Outside Agencies
Appendix W - Graphic of CCRP Project
Appendix X - Copy of Parks and Recreation Meeting Minutes of March 6, 2008
Appendix Y - Projects Supporting Growth in the Area of the Downtown / Little Bear Creek Master Plan


Page last modified: February 12, 2018

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