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dotted line Sammamish River Stewards

The Sammamish River Stewards program is being absorbed by King County, and will not continue to be operated by the City of Woodinville.  For those many individuals who have donated volunteer hours to clear and maintain the areas along the Sammamish River, we are very grateful. 

For nearly 20 years the Sammamish River Stewards have been restoring and maintaining native vegetation along Little Bear Creek in an effort to halt aggressive weed development in and near Woodin Creek and Wilmot Parks.  Citizens of all ages and walks of life have given abundant time and talent towards helping meet this great challenge. 

The Stewards will now provide their general knowledge and expertise to the vast Parks and Trail system of King County.  We expect they will continue their work on a grander scale.

For information on how you may volunteer with the Stewards or on other King County parks projects close to your community, contact Laurie Clinton, the Volunteer Program Manager for County Parks.  Laurie may be reached by email at, or by phone at (206) 477-6113.  You may wish to have her sign you up to receive their monthly event newsletter, which showcases volunteer opportunities 6 weeks in advance.



Page last modified: January 9, 2018

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