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Pet Waste

Pet Waste: Scoop it! Bag it! Trash it!
Posted on 11/12/2019
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 36.6% of households own dogs. The average dog-owning household has about 1.6 dogs. In Woodinville, that would equal about 2,800 dogs. Assuming a dog poops about half a pound per day, that’s about 1,400 pounds of poop in Woodinville each day.

If you are a proud dog parent, please be a good neighbor and remember to scoop, bag, and throw away pet waste.

Why? Simply put, poop harms lawns. Whether it's your lawn or a City park, poop kills the grass. When dog waste is left on the grass, lawnmowers will chop it up into smaller pieces and spread it to areas where it is easily stepped on by adults, children, and other pets.

Dog poop can carry giardia, roundworms, tapeworms, ringworms, heartworms, parvovirus and more. These diseases and parasites can remain infectious in the soil for years and be passed onto humans, other dogs and wildlife causing illness and death. 

Dog waste is also pollution. When it rains, the poop is carried into our streams, lakes, and wetlands. Ask yourself-- would you want to play in that water?

Here are some answers to common questions we get from residents about pet waste:

Q: What should I do with the poop?
A: Bag it and put it in a trash can.

Q: Can I compost it?
A: Neither backyard nor commercial composting methods heat the waste enough to kill the bacteria, parasites and diseases in dog poop.

Q Can I flush it?
A: You shouldn’t. Woodinville Water handles the sanitary sewers in Woodinville and advises only human waste, toilet paper and water should be flushed. If you’re on a septic system, the fur and ash in dog waste can clog your septic system.

Q: Why should I scoop it, bag it and trash it? 
A: Because it’s the law: Woodinville City Ordinance 12.50.180 Removal of pet feces.

Any person with a dog or pet in his or her possession in any park or public facility shall be responsible for the conduct of the animal, shall carry equipment for removing feces and shall collect and place any feces deposited by such dog or pet in an appropriate receptacle. It shall be unlawful for any person to fail to so collect and place any feces deposited by a dog or pet.