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Schoolhouse District Ground Breaking

The City of Woodinville Breaks Ground on Long-Awaited Schoolhouse District Project
Posted on 06/21/2019
Schoolhouse District Project Groundbreaking

The City of Woodinville, along with private partners MainStreet Property Group LLC and HAL Real Estate, recently announced the start of construction of The Schoolhouse District, the long-awaited transformative project in the heart of downtown Woodinville. Construction is slated to be complete by Winter 2021.   This project includes the restoration and renovation of Woodinville’s Historic Schoolhouse No. 23.

“Saving and restoring the Old Woodinville School has been a nearly 20-year effort fraught with challenges. We couldn’t be more excited to see it finally moving forward. It wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for MainStreet Property Group. They have been amazing partners in designing a project that meets our goal of not only saving the Schoolhouse but creating an amazing public space in our downtown,” said Brandon Buchanan, City of Woodinville City Manager.

Located at 17401 133rd Ave NE, the new campus will serve as a central community gathering place that enhances the existing Woodinville character and charm. The project will include:

  • Schoolhouse: Restored schoolhouse as a historic landmark building and new retail opportunities on the first and second floors

  • Recreation: Renovation of 8,000 square feet of the existing YMCA, as well as the addition of 8,500 square feet of childcare space, accommodating up to 120 children
  • Retail: Addition of 20,000 square feet of proposed retail, restaurant and commercial space. This will include “Wine Walk Row”, which will feature up to eleven wine tasting spaces along a highly-designed pedestrian east-west cross project featuring grand entrance, outdoor seating areas, extensive lighting, landscaping and public art.
  • Residential: Creation of 260-275 multifamily residential units across two buildings, named The Class and The Chalk.
  • Open Space and Market Street: Addition of approximately 40,000 square feet of public open space including a Market street promenade that will be used for City events.  This area will also include outdoor dining and seating, a chalkboard wall and game areas, public art and field-viewing spaces. 

“When MainStreet was selected as development partner for this project, we knew we needed to design an iconic new place within the City with the old Schoolhouse as it’s heart-beat.  The Schoolhouse District is a transformative project for Woodinville and we are excited to get moving with construction activities,” said MainStreet Property Group President Kelly Price.

Built in 1909, Woodinville’s historic Schoolhouse No. 23 has stood empty for more than a decade. Through its restoration and additional project elements, The Schoolhouse District project will provide a first-of-its kind destination experience with modern architecture standing side-by-side with restored repurposed buildings.

Cameras placed at the Schoolhouse District construction site have logged progress to date. 

Schoolhouse District Cam 2- Still Image

Schoolhouse District cam 1- still image

Additional video footage is available here and here.

More information about the Schoolhouse District project, also known as the Civic Campus project, can be found on our project page.